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The Tax and Customs Administration recognizes a charity as an ANBI if it meets a large number of requirements. The ZERO! The ParaHockey Foundation has that ANBI status. This has advantages for us as an organization, but also for donors. We answer 5 frequently asked questions, such as: "Is a donation to an ANBI deductible?".

1. What is an ANBI?

ANBI stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling. According to the Tax Authorities, an institution (such as the ZERO! ParaHockey Foundation) can only be an ANBI "if it is almost entirely committed to the public interest". In order to be designated as an ANBI, the actual activities of the institution must serve the public interest for 90% or more. An institution may therefore not serve any private or individual interest. In our case that is clear: we work on a non-profit basis to achieve our goal of giving everyone with a mental or physical disability (without being dependent on a wheelchair) the opportunity to play sports (hockey) and to provide the best possible guidance. , where the fun in sports (hockey) and the social aspect are central.

2. When is a charity an ANBI?

The Tax and Customs Administration determines whether a charity or foundation receives ANBI status. To do so, you must meet a number of strict conditions. For example, you may not have a profit motive, there are strict integrity requirements, you must have a policy plan and be open about your finances. About 55,000 organizations in the Netherlands have ANBI status. The ZERO! ParaHockey Foundation is one of them.


3. What tax advantages does donating to an ANBI have?

The ZERO! The ParaHockey Foundation, but also donors who support our work financially, enjoy tax benefits because of our ANBI status. To name a few:

  • We do not pay inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances and gifts to the tax authorities. As a result, a gift to the ZERO! ParaHockey Foundation in its entirety for the benefit of the foundation and our mission.

  • Private donors (or we prefer to say: investors) are allowed (under certain conditions) their gift deduct from income tax.

  • Do you invest as a company? Even then you donate with a tax advantage because you can deduct the gift from corporate income tax.

  • Do you record your gift for at least 5 years with adeed of donation? Then you will receive – depending on your age and income – up to 40% of the donation back from the tax authorities.

4. How do I know for sure whether a foundation or charity to which I want to donate is an ANBI?

You can easily check that through this search engine of the tax authorities. So if you want to be 100% sure whether a charity, foundation, association or institution is an ANBI, use the official search tool of the tax authorities.

5. Is a donation to an ANBI deductible?

Regular, regular and business gifts are deductible, but different conditions apply. About the difference between these two types of gifts, read je on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration. In brief:

  • If you make a gift or donation to the ZERO! ParaHockey Foundation for at least 5 years with a periodic donation deed (also known as a periodic donation agreement), you will receive a part back from the tax authorities. How many? That depends on your age and income. Download hier our donation deed (or read more about how this works first) and calculate with this free tool your tax benefit.

  • Ordinary donations are also deductible in the income tax return, but a threshold and a maximum apply. You can read more about that on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

  • Companies can deduct their gift via corporate income tax. The amount of the gift deduction may not exceed 50% of the profit and must remain below € 100,000. Also, the profit due to the tax deduction may not become negative.


Want to know more about ANBI and the Tax Authorities? On the website of the tax authorities  you will find a lot of information. Do you have a specific question and can't find a solution? Then take contact contact us, we are happy to think along with you.


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