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powered by The Indian Maharadja & Sportze Baarn


Sport is important for overall good health, but also for human development; being active is useful, but especially social contacts while exercising….


But many do not have access to sports due to a physical / mental disability and usually associated limited budget.

The ZERO! The ParaHockey Foundation aims to encourage as many people as possible with a mental or physical disability (not dependent on a wheelchair) to take up sports, to achieve this we need you!


Without sponsoring/donations this goal is not feasible and that is why we would like to ask you to help us.


So if you, as an individual or company, want to be associated with social importance, health, and sport, take a quick look at the video below for more information. ​​The ZERO ParaHockey Foundation is an institution that is fully committed to the public interest and therefore has an ANBI status, which means that your gift is fully tax deductible.


​There are several possibilities to use the ZERO! To support the ParaHockey Foundation, we would like to inform you about the different ways you can help our foundation:

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