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ZERO! Academy Summer Holiday Startup Keepers Clinic still a great success!


After a successful goalkeeper camp during the May holiday, the organization of the ZERO! Academy Summer Holiday Goalkeeper Camps. One at the beginning of the summer holidays and one at the end of the summer holidays…

Soon we found out that because it was finally allowed to go on vacation, all goalkeepers went on vacation immediately in July. As a result, the first camp of the summer holidays could not take place, despite the fact that the keeper of Amsterdam Heren 1: Joren Romijn, was eager to give training!

For the second camp: the ZERO! Academy Summer Holiday Startup Keepers Camp, not the least keepers had promised to come and give a day of training: David Harte (Kampong Men 1) and Sarah Sinck (Orange Red Women 1). In addition, Keepers Club ZERO! the absolute scoop with the first goalkeeper camp for Parahockey! It was inevitable that the Startup camp would be just as successful as the camp during the May holidays.

When registering, we were confronted with the old Dutch proverb “unknown makes unloved”, despite the fact that we had flooded many a club in the Baarn area with e-mails and the social channels were full of our announcements of the ZERO! Academy Summer Vacation Startup Keepers Camp. Even though we actually had too few registrations, we made the decision this time to continue the camp but in the form of a goalkeeper clinic.

This is how the 1-day ZERO! Academy Summer Holiday Startup Keepers Clinic kicks off with the participation of two ParaHockey keepers as a first.

Both the ParaHockey keepers and the ZERO! guidance secretly found it quite exciting. However, after 5 minutes the ice was already broken, there was plenty of laughter and we were heavily fooled by the ParaHockey keepers, resulting in a great relaxed and fun day. The clinic for ParaHockey was held on field 2 where training was initially based on a one-on-one formation with the keepers. In the afternoon, the two keepers trained together under the guidance of two trainers.

The ZERO! Academy Keepers Clinic consisted of four one-hour training rounds. Two hours in the morning, and another two hour session after lunch. No exercises were repeated during the sessions. In fact, there were only two exercises that were also included in the May holiday keepers camp! During the day, the keepers were given 16 different exercises. This ranged from reaction speed and technique to very bizarre challenging flying and artwork exercises. For the ParaHockey keepers we also had a lot of fun with 6 different exercises with which we could also push them to the limit.


Of course there was not very hard training all day. Fortunately, there was also time for fun, so at the end of the day we were tired but satisfied that thanks to the awesome participants we once again had a super successful ZERO! Academy Keepers Clinic.

Until the next ZERO! Goalkeeper Clinic! These will take place in the Rabo HockeyDome on 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 January 2022.

See you @ ZERO! clinic

The ZERO! Clinic Team

JP, Thijmen & Aaron

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