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First ZERO! Clinic in the hall a fact…


On Friday, January 6, it was finally time, the first clinic in the hall of ZERO! clinic


From far and wide the ParaHockeyers (G-hockey players and keepers) and Youth keepers came to beautiful Baarn for the ZERO! Clinic in the Rabo HockeyDome (blow hall) of the BMHV.

For almost all ParaHockeyers it was the first time they played hockey in the hall and that was evident from the tense, but delighted faces of all of them, for the Youth Goalkeepers it was actually a piece of cake but they were particularly curious what the ZERO! Trainer staff had now conjured up again in terms of exercises.

Each participant received a beautiful red ZERO! Clinics short by The Indian Maharadja and after a short word of welcome in the clubhouse, we all went to the blowing hall where the king of warm-ups, Sebastiaan Röell, once again had a nice warm-up in store for all participants.

With a mix of 11 ParaHockeyers (eight players/three goalkeepers) and 11 Youth Goalkeepers and 12 staff members, six of whom were new staff members, the clinic could finally start after the warm-up.

The ZERO! Head coaches had indulged themselves with new indoor technique and reaction exercises for the keepers on the one hand and agility and goal-oriented exercises for the players on the other. The participants and trainers visibly enjoyed the exercises and together they trained with a lot of energy and fun.

After four 20-minute training rounds, it was time for a delicious lunch, which was ready in the clubhouse of the BMHV, so that all participants and staff could recover from the active morning. During the lunch break, there was tested with a drone to record during the game part for the promotion of the ZERO! Clinic and the ZERO! ParaHockey Foundation and a kind of 'Arcade Speelhal' was organized by the staff members, with games such as 'air' (hall) hockey, (hockey) billiards, mini (hockey) golf, (hockey) maze and slat tap

With over half an hour break in the pocket, it was another hassle 😊 to get all participants and staff from the clubhouse to the blowing hall, where the 'Arcade Speelhal' was waiting for them. During an hour, the participants could play all the games to their heart's content and anything and everything was captured on camera.

During the 'Arcade Speelhal' we could finally welcome our VIP guests: Kiki Gunneman (goalkeeper Ladies 1 Pinoké) and Maria Steensma (player Ladies 1 Pinoké and Dutch World Cup Hall Hockey team) and together they participated enthusiastically with the participants in the games in the 'Arcade Games Hall'.

After an hour of games, it was time for action again and the participants could marvel at the new training round with all new exercises for both keepers and players. Just like before lunch, everyone went into it with full dedication, but for some participants all the new impressions and the hustle and bustle in the blowing hall were just a bit too much. Thanks to the great supervisors (Roos and Karlijn), these participants were pampered extra and after some rest they were able to fully participate again.

The closure was just like the outdoor ZERO! Clinics,  shoot-out / penalty ball competition between the keepers, players and training staff. The keepers were really good this time, but eventually everyone ended the clinic as the winner.

We really enjoyed you all and hope to see you in the next ZERO! Clinic – Saturday 6 May – to welcome


The ZERO! Clinic Team

JP, Thijmen, Sebastiaan, Jesse and Puck

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