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It is known to everyone that sports are important for not only healthy development in general, but also good for overall good health. Not only being active is important, but especially the social contacts you make during sports are very important.

Everyone takes it for granted that sport is the most normal thing in life, but for people with a disability it is a big challenge to start exercising.

Our goal is therefore to encourage as many people as possible with a mental or physical disability (not dependent on a wheelchair) to take up sports and in our case to get into hockey.

To achieve our goal, we organize open hockey clinics for potential/aspiring athletes who want to get acquainted with ParaHockey and for ParaHockey G/LG athletes (players and goalkeepers) who want to improve their skills.

Sport ensures fraternization, social development, self-confidence and, above all, fun. Something the ZERO! ParaHockey Foundation is only too happy to offer.

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Jean-Paul The (JP)

JP has had the opportunity to practice various sports from an early age; from youth football, basketball, baseball, tennis to various forms of 'martial arts'  (top 5 in the Netherlands with judo) and finally hockey.

During these years, JP already came up with the plan to set up an organization 'when he grows up' that gives everyone the opportunity not only to exercise but also to receive good professional guidance

From 2006 JP started providing hockey goalkeeper training, initially based on the generally applicable standard goalkeeper training that every goalkeeper trainer starts with, but that soon changed.

Using his experiences in the other sports, JP quickly developed his own goalkeeper training program and the idea bubbled up again to set up that organization that gives everyone the opportunity to play sports and in this case hockey.

In 2022 JP 'finally' started his own ZERO! Academy, where, in addition to providing hockey goalkeeper training at various clubs, the organization of goalkeeper clinics also started, the ultimate basis for the ZERO! ParaHockey Foundation

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